At some point that little buddy you’ve been bringing along on all your hunting trips is going to say three magic words: “When’s MY turn?”. When that day comes, you’re going to want to be ready to provide him or her with the best possible first hunt experience. That’s where we come in! Today our guided hunt crew is going to be sharing some of the basics that can ensure a successful first hunt as well as some helpful resources. Let’s get into it!

Benefits of Starting Young

Building healthy habits early helps create a foundation for your child’s future. Hunting can be a part of that foundation. When you bring your child along on your hunts starting at an early age, they can experience several benefits, including:

  • Develops an early understanding and appreciation for meat he/she eats
  • Offers uninterrupted 1:1 time to bond
  • Takes them away from technology and into the great outdoors more
  • Learns about responsibility and safety
  • Much, much more!

One easy way to do this is to bring them along to Edenwood’s deer hunting preserves. We offer a unique opportunity for all hunters to hone his or her skills.  We provide all the essentials, lodging, beautiful hunting land, hunting stands and blinds, & more. And, after a hard day in the blind, there’s plenty of other adventures to enjoy together on our property that promises to be fun for all ages.

Preparation is Key

As with anything, giving your son or daughter a full description of what to expect is incredibly helpful. One of the best ways to do this is to take them along on your hunts well before they are old enough to participate in a hunt themselves. The more they understand the process, the more they know how to enjoy it when it’s their turn to shine.

Some other general ways to prepare your first-time hunter include any of the following:

  • Target practice
  • Hunter’s Safety Course
  • Get them high-quality outdoor gear
  • Have them dress in layers
  • Let them participate in the preparation work of scouting a spot and preparing the gear
  • Take them to deer hunting farms to talk with professional guides

Keep it Fun

A big part of ensuring a successful first hunt turns into a successful second (and third and so on…) hunt is keeping the tone light. Let these first couple experiences be focused on the easy-to-enjoy parts. This will make the parts that require a bit more patience and maturity easier to manage. Consider trying some of these ideas:

  • Be intentional about choosing a pleasant forecast
  • Bring along a deck of cards
  • Don’t start with deer; build up the thrill of the hunt with small-game hunts first
  • Lots of snacks.
  • Know when to take a break or call it quits for the day

Obviously, your contagious love of the hunt will be part of what keeps you and your son or daughter engaged. If this is a time-honored tradition that goes back generations in your family, this is a great opportunity to share funny or poignant stories about Great-grandparents’ hunting experiences.


Many of the youth-focused hunting resources differ by state so our best advice is to contact your local Park & Wildlife Department (or state Department of Natural Resources). We also recommend checking in with national organizations such as the National Deer Association or the NRA. You can see a list of each state’s hunting license information here.

Some Wisconsin-based resources that we find helpful include:

  • Youth Hunt Opportunities: Wisconsin-based youth hunting weekends.
  • Mentored Hunting: Wisconsin’s 1:1 mentoring program for first-time hunters OR a fantastic opportunity for veteran hunters to pass along their love of the hunt as a mentor.
  • Hunter Ed: The only Wisconsin DNR-approved online hunter education course

Deer Hunting Preserves

Whether it’s your child’s first hunt or it’s your grandparent’s 101st hunt, we’ve got something for everyone here at Edenwood. All deer hunts include Luxury lodging and outstanding meals tailored to you. We offer amenities such as rifle range, archery range, and guides who are scouting the deer all year round. 20+ deluxe condo blinds fully equipped so you can spend your time in the field enjoying wildlife. Call today to book your adventure!