While camping is a favorite pastime for many nature-lovers, the summer heat can make some camping activities difficult. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to enjoy a nature vacation in August without feeling overwhelmed by high temperatures? Great news – there is! It’s called glamping. Allow the Edenwood team – hosts of the very best glamping in Wisconsin – to share all the ways glamping is your best bet for beating the August heat.


Benefits of a Wisconsin August Getaway

We know all about the reasons people get away around Christmas or for spring break, but what about August? Well, at Edenwood, we happen to think that August is actually the best kept secret for top vacation time. This is especially true when we talk about the Wisconsin Northwoods. Here are just a few of the reasons we love August getaways:

  • One last getaway during the kids’ summer vacation
  • The lake has finally reached it’s perfect Wisconsin-warm temperature
  • The trees are just beginning to change colors
  • Tons of wildlife activity to be seen

Even with all these (and more) plusses, there are still some challenges to overcome if you have friends or family who aren’t used to camping. That’s exactly why we’re crazy about glamping. Glamping – a luxury form of camping – offers all the pros of a nature escape without the cons.


Enjoy a Comfortable Night’s Sleep

Most of us agree that a hot summer day is the perfect time to enjoy a day at the lake. Unfortunately, that same hot summer day eventually becomes a hot summer night, transforming many tents into DIY saunas. Add in the twilight swarms of mosquitoes and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

What if, instead, you had access to an air-conditioned cabin with top-of-the-line bedding and linens to fall into at the end of a long day at the beach? Edenwood’s luxury cabins in Wisconsin completely transform a buggy, hot, uncomfortable night into something even the most reluctant camper would enjoy. Check out a virtual tour of each of our cabins to see the possibilities for yourself! They’re literally a dream come true.


Have Gourmet Meals Without Sweating Over a Campfire

Another challenge with traditional camping in August is with meal prep. Who wants to slave over a hot campfire when you’ve already been out in the heat all day? Wouldn’t it be nice if there were another way to handle mealtimes? Enter: Glamping!

Edenwood’s luxury cabins each have gourmet kitchens with all the bells and whistles. You can choose from 5 different styles, each with their own deluxe charms. Or you can enjoy cooking inside some of the best glamping in Wisconsin, which offer all the following comforts:

  • Kitchen – gas cooktop refrigerator
  • Living and Dining area
  • Coffee maker
  • Approximately 1200 Sq. Ft.
  • Running water
  • Electrical outlets
  • Firewood and ice


Enjoy the Heat on YOUR Terms

Glamping in Wisconsin is a way for you to connect with the beauty of nature while staying in five-star accommodations. No setting up a tent, swatting away bugs or worrying about all your belongings getting wet from the rain. You can spend the whole day at the lake, get your adrenaline fix with our zipline, and even try something new like archery or ATVing. Then, when you’re ready to cool off or take a break, you can enjoy a whole different type of vacation fun – the great INDOORS!


Best Glamping in Wisconsin

Glamping at Edenwood Ranch & Preserve in Wautoma, Wisconsin is a form of luxurious camping! It’s an experience for any type of getaway. It allows you to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors, without all the work involved in traditional camping. Glamping is perfect all types – for families, a trip with your friends or a solo stay to relax. Get in touch today to book your glamping with Edenwood!