While a mature white buck is one of the hardest trophy animals to harvest, it’s also one of the most satisfying. Wisconsin is known as one of the best locations in the United States for whitetail deer hunting because it’s home to some of the largest bucks! Whether you are brand new to hunting or have years of experience, Wisconsin has a great landscape for memorable whitetail deer hunting trips.

Edenwood Ranch, located in Central Wisconsin, is the ideal private hunting destination. It’s located in the heart of Wisconsin which offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the Midwest. Not only are the surroundings beautiful, but the hunting is top-notch. Let’s get into whitetail deer hunting trips in WI.

About the Whitetail Deer

The whitetail deer is one of the most challenging yet tasty game animals in the world. The deer gets its name from its flaglike tail. Bucks grow antlers every year beginning in late spring and by early September, their antlers get large and strong. Venison, or the whitetail deer meat, is a very natural and nutritious form of animal protein.


Wisconsin Deer Hunting Tactics

Stand hunting: The majority of our guided whitetail deer hunting visitors utilize our tree stands to ambush deer as they move across the preserve. Stands are used along with decoys, scents, lures and calls to bring the deer into the proper range. Tree stands also offer a highly comfortable way to hunt!

Stalking: While mostly used only by skilled hunters, stalking and killing a whitetail by foot, is another popular strategy. Stalking is best when there is fresh snow or if the ground is damp. This allows you to follow deer tracks and plan your hunting strategies on the fly.

After the shot: Most hunters love venison just as much as they enjoy the hunting experience itself. After your deer has been field dressed, Ednewood Ranch will help you to meat process your deer and take everything home with you. You can also meet with a taxidermist to tan your whitetail and mount it for display.


Wisconsin Whitetail Hunts Packages

Edenwood Ranch and Preserve offers multiple first-class whitetail deer hunting packages throughout the year such as:

  • Whitetail deer hunting leases
  • Trophy whitetail hunts
  • Trophy rut elk and whitetail combo hunts
  • Elite Orion Whitetail hunts

On top of high-quality guided hunting trips, Edenewood Ranch also includes luxury lodging, farm-to-table meals and multiple amenities to make your experience the best of the best.

On top of whitetail deer hunting packages, Edenwood Ranch also offers a variety of elk and farrow hunting experiences! Get the answers to all of your questions by contacting our ranch manager today.



Whitetail Deer Hunting Trips WI

Nestled in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, our 500-acre whitetail hunting ranch is certain to give you an unforgettable experience. Our luxury guided deer hunting trips provide a wonderful escape in nature, surrounded by a relaxing environment. Don’t miss your opportunity to experience the hunt of a lifetime!