At Edenwood, some of our favorite events to host are weddings. We especially love summer weddings. This summer is no exception – the wedding trends that we are seeing emerge as our world starts to return to normal are incredible! We just couldn’t keep all these fun ideas to ourselves. Read on to learn more about the top summer wedding trends of 2022.


Embrace Large & Cozy Venues

One of the ways that a pandemic has changed the wedding world is that we’ve all learned the value of merging intimacy with personal space. Our world has never craved closeness and celebration more than in this post-covid world. We all want to make up for lost time with loved ones and weddings are the perfect way to do that. However, incorporating ways to offer guests the opportunity to spread out and enjoy the fresh air is important as well.

If your wedding celebration is happening this summer, you will want to find a venue that allows you and your guests a variety of options. We love rustic farm wedding venues that simultaneously keep things feeling cozy and free. The more outdoor roaming space, the better! Set up yard games in one area, an outdoor bar with cocktail tables in another and maybe even a kiddo-zone with bubbles and crafts in yet another!


Create a Wedding Weekend

Another huge trend in 2022 summer weddings is nixing the “big day” for a “big weekend.” Why celebrate for just a day when you can stretch it out for 2-4, right? This is especially beneficial for destination weddings and weddings that have a number of out-of-town guests attending.

It may feel like an overwhelming idea at first glance, but the reality is that it can be done quite simply. The trick is to create an open-house-style itinerary for guests to pop in and out of as they are able. Here’s an Edenwood Ranch & Preserve wedding weekend sample itinerary to get your creative wheels rolling:

  • Thursday: Arrive & check-in 3-5p, pizza and happy couple trivia 6p, light hike 7p, bonfire and s’mores 8-10p
  • Friday: Breakfast on your own, all-day fishing competition begins at 7a, lake recreation time 9-2 – canoe, kayak, swimming, ziplining, etc., manicures & pedicures 3p, wedding rehearsal 4-5:30p, rehearsal dinner banquet 6-7p, outdoor movie night 9-11p
  • Saturday: Wedding Day! Guests can feel free to independently enjoy all Edenwood’s amenities at their own leisure. Ceremony is at 4p with reception to follow at 5p
  • Sunday: Bruch and gift opening 9-11, checkout by noon


Get Away

Destination weddings have never been more popular than in 2022. People are much more comfortable with travel now and are looking for a good excuse to get out of town. A wedding is the perfect reason to travel to a fresh, new location!

There are many different types of destinations to consider. We encourage couples to choose a place that matches who they are as a couple – a place that helps them tell their “story of us” to their friends and family. Love nature? Consider looking at rustic farm venues! Need your toes in the sand? Check out a beachy all-inclusive resort. Love the lights and energy of the city? Consider renting out a whole floor of a posh hotel! The list goes on and on.


Offer Guests a Little Extra Something

One final trend (that we hope sticks around) is to provide guests a little something extra to help them stay comfortable in the heat. This is especially appreciated with an outdoor ceremony. While guests can certainly get creative by fanning themselves with a wedding program, here are some other ideas that are sure to be appreciated:

  • Consider creating specialty iced beverages, both with alcohol and non-alcoholic
  • Provide parasols
  • Design the wedding programs to intentionally double as fans (already accordion folded) or offer separate hand-held fans for guests
  • Hold the reception at an outdoor venue that has a lake on site and include instructions in the invitation for guests to bring their formal suits and swimming suits


WI Rustic Wedding Venues

We specialize in small, intimate weddings ranging from 20-100 people. Getting married at Edenwood Ranch is ideal for you if you want…

  • to tie the knot with friends and family in a natural setting
  • 6 large cabins where you can stay in the same location
  • An all-inclusive experience
  • To celebrate over multiple days
  • Your choice of multiple indoor and outdoor locations to say your vows and party
  • A rustic, natural setting with unlimited customization possibilities
  • To have the property all to yourself!

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you experience your dream wedding in 2022 and beyond!