Are you planning your company’s next corporate retreat and unsure how to prioritize your activities? It can be challenging to narrow down the agenda to include both rest and relaxation while adding value to your company’s bottom line. At Edenwood, we don’t pretend to have all the answers. However, we can tell you that the many years of hosting incredible groups of all kinds has taught us a thing or two. Read on to learn the top three things to avoid when planning a Corporate Retreat.


#1. DON’T Forget to Build in Downtime

Often in the busy-ness of business we forget about the value of slowing down. We forget about the inspiration and creativity that exists in quiet, unstructured time. Down time – especially when it’s spent in nature – can be incredibly powerful. Studies show that down time has the potential to impact several key aspects of productivity:

Downtime in your corporate retreat can be just as effective as a good speaker or a teambuilding session. Encourage your team to be intentional about how they use it. Give several examples of tools and methods – journaling, meditation, a nature hike, a catnap, a swim – and encourage them to choose the one they feel will fill their tank.

For an added incentive, choose a venue that encourages adventurous use of downtime. Edenwood’s Wisconsin meeting resort offers dozens of ways to rest and recharge in the great outdoors. Your team will benefit from relaxation (and a bit of adrenaline) with our zipline, archery range, UTV’s and more!


#2. DON’T Disregard Your Company’s Goals

When is the last time you’ve studied your company’s mission and vision together as a team? Does your team know exactly how that mission statement is tied to what each of them do in their unique role every day? Do the weekly tasks and objectives clearly support your company’s vision?

A corporate retreat is an excellent time to renew your team’s passion for the cause their company is supporting. A strong mission empowers team members to know their worth and experience the difference between a job and a calling. Make time to talk about your company’s goals and offer validation and affirmation to the team members that are crushing those goals.



#3. DON’T Leave the Executive Team Behind

Sometimes the true talents of your team don’t emerge under the florescent yellow lights of their cubicle. If you see greatness in your team members and you suspect your leadership might be too far removed to see their magic, get those leaders to come join you on the retreat. There’s a very good chance that your team members also need a fun reminder of how great your leadership team is, too.

Try some of these options with a healthy blend of competition and collaboration to mix things up between higher and lower-level employees:

  • Low (or high) ropes courses
  • Team building games
  • Escape rooms
  • Nerf gun or paintball wars
  • Minute to Win It competitions
  • Create your own Olympics
  • Hackathons

If you book your retreat at Edenwood Ranch and Preserve, you will be able to experience many of these options and more on our 500-acre Wisconsin meeting resort! Invite your team to enjoy wildlife, nature and adventure with us. Your leadership might just end up having so much fun that they suggest the retreat becomes an annual tradition!


Bonus: DO Create Opportunities to Celebrate

Studies show that gratitude is one of the healthiest emotions. If you want to boost your team’s mental and emotional health, invite a culture of gratitude. You can start this trend by creating opportunities to celebrate while on your retreat.

This may require a bit more research on the front end as you would want to come to the retreat prepared with a list of team members’ meaningful contributions to the bottom line. However, the payout is more than worth it. Celebration (and gratitude) is contagious!


Private Event Venue WI

At Edenwood, you can stay and enjoy six separate cabin styles to spread out with your team. Enjoy our pavilion for meetings or entertainment. Relax in front of one of our many fire pits. Be entertained with our private fully stocked lake with two sand beaches, paddleboards, fishing, boats, zip line, a/c beach house pavilion, miles of nature trails, mountain bikes, volleyball, shooting range, photo safaris, and much more.