One of the more challenging elements of camping is the food. This is especially true if you are new to the wide world of camping. However, sometimes all it takes are a few solid recipes and a couple veteran tips and you may find yourself ready to sell your home and move into our backyard! Today, we’ll be sharing some of those solid recipes and veteran tips so that you can enjoy every minute of your camping trip. Bon Appetit!



If you are doing the traditional camping, sometimes the simple-is-best rule might be the way to go (depending on your group’s tastebuds). Some examples of what we mean by this include:

  • Cereal
  • Instant oatmeal
  • Pre-made muffins
  • Granola/granola bars
  • Fruit

However, if you feel like getting “fancy,” we also have some quick and easy ideas for you to whip up a hot dish on the spot that will get you ready for the day’s adventures.

  • Pancakes: Pre-make the pancake mixture at home and bring it with you in a re-purposed ketchup bottle or something similar. Just add a non-stick cookie sheet on the campfire and you’re ready to rock and roll breakfast style.
  • Campfire Cheese Hashbrown Packets: Full of flavor and simple to prep!
  • Breakfast Burritos: What we love about breakfast burritos is how easy they are to customize. You can cook up the scrambled eggs over the fire or propane stove (or in a full chef’s kitchen if you’re smart enough to book one of Edenwood’s luxury cabins in Wisconsin). Then, each guest can add egg and whatever toppings they like to the tortilla and enjoy!



If you’re like most of the groups that we have stay with us, the days are so full of fun activities that no one wants to stop to eat. We highly recommend foods that support more of a grazing-style lunch with simple, easy-to-transport essentials. For example:

  • Sandwiches (PB & J or cold cuts or some of each)
  • Apples
  • Carrot sticks
  • Granola/granola bars
  • Beef jerky
  • String cheese
  • Dried fruit

Don’t overthink it – camp lunches are more about convenience than luxury. Be sure to pack a cooler that fits it all so you can wheel it easily to your beachside (or other adventurous location) spot.



This is the meal that typically causes the most stress. Your fellow campers are hungry and tired from a long day of exploring and you – the chef – starts to feel the pressure to have a meal ready immediately! Don’t worry. We’ve got a couple tips are sure to help make dinner time fun and filling for everyone, including the chef!

  • Prep matters. Get as much ready beforehand as possible. That can mean you packed it ready to go or you prepared it earlier that day – whichever works best for you. The key is to have recipe ready ingredients all set for the moment you need them.
  • Timing matters. Begin cooking with plenty of time to complete the meal in an unfamiliar setting. Whether you are working with a campfire, propane stove or grill, it’s likely going to have quirks that are different than what you would encounter at home.

And here are three of our favorite camp-friendly dinner recipes to get your wheels turning:

These three recipes happen to work no matter how rustic your setting. However, you don’t have to do things the rustic way. Check out Edenwood’s luxury cabins in Wisconsin for a refreshingly elegant alternative to enjoy the great outdoors.


Snacks & Sweets

No camping trip would be complete without snacks and sweets. Of course, s’more and trail mix are at the top of everyone’s list in these categories. However, don’t be shy about rocking the boat a little bit with some new takes on old favorites. Some ideas we’ve taken a shine to include:

  • S’mores upgrades: cinnamon graham crackers instead of plain, peanut butter cups instead of a chocolate bar, Nutella addition, mint leaf addition, or a sprinkling of chili powder to give it a little kick
  • Trail Mix upgrades: sprinkle of cinnamon sugar, add dried fruits, make ahead with a ranch twist, add popcorn (cheesy or plain)

This is a fantastic category to put the kids in charge of. Give them $10 at your local grocery store before you leave for your trip and let them buy all the ingredients they need plus some sandwich bags. Once you arrive, have them mix it up and divide it all among as many bags as possible.


Cabin Getaways in Wisconsin

Although food is one of the fun elements of camping, there’s certainly more to it than that. At the heart of any getaway is time with the people you care about. At Edenwood Ranch and Preserve, that’s what we live for – giving folks like you the time and space to spread out and enjoy the best Wisconsin has to offer together. Call us today to book your stay!