How many of you ladies have sisters (the biological kind or the friends-so-close-they-might-as-well-be-family kind) that you never get to see quite enough? We know how hard it is to try to catch up via sporadic phone calls, texts and emails. Our luxury cabin rentals Wisconsin gurus have a solution for you: plan a sister weekend getaway! Read on to learn about the best ways to ensure its loved by all, well organized and memorable.


What is Glamping?

The word “glamping” was created by combining “glamour” and “camping.” Glamping is the perfect hybrid for those of us who love spending time surrounded by nature but still crave the comfort and refinement of a five-star hotel. In addition to much more luxurious accommodations, glamping resorts will typically offer lodging with private modern plumbing, full kitchens, plush bedding and more.


Picking the Right Glamping Resort

The first step in planning a sister’s weekend getaway is to choose a location that makes sense for everyone involved. We know this can be overwhelming, so we put together a list of questions and details to take into consideration. These suggestions will help you narrow down your search so that it Isn’t quite as complicated.

  • Location is an equally comfortable distance from each sister’s home base
  • Cost is mutually agreed upon as affordable
  • Amenities that will be able to support just the right blend of sophistication and shenanigans
  • Kitchen comes equipped with everything you need to create delicious and decadent (or frozen and fast) snacks and meals

We know we’re a little biased but, honestly, the very best glamping in Wisconsin is with us at Edenwood Ranch & Preserve. Not only do we offer top-of-the-line, luxury amenities in our glamping lodging but we also offer 30+ outdoor and indoor on-site activities. Everything you need to have the perfect sister getaway weekend is right here waiting for you!


Creating the Perfect Itinerary

When made correctly, a trip itinerary can be a total game changer. The key is establishing just the right amount of flexibility. Out top trick for doing this is to first establish all the key “required” events. By this we mean things like mealtimes, wake up times, light’s out times, and check in/out times.

Once you have mapped out those elements, the rest can fall into place based upon personalities, preferences, theme, total vacation time, etc. Are you and your sisters big-time crafters? Maybe each day from 2-4 is craft time. Do you want to spend as much time as possible outdoors? Build in time for morning hikes, afternoon beach times and evening campfires/stargazing sessions.

One final pro tip: block off at least one hour a day for “free time.” It may just end up being your favorite part of the whole getaway!


Making it Memorable

Putting together activities that produce a memorable, customized gift are a fun way to ensure everyone thinks of the annual getaway often when you all are apart. This doesn’t have to be complicated or require strong artistic talent. In fact, many craft stores or retail stores often kits and simple ideas for memorable activities and creations.

  • Paint/wine night
  • DIY personalized coffee mugs
  • Chick flick and spa night (masks, pedicures and unlimited ice cream along with your favorite rom-com or marvel movie)
  • Tie-dye something cute: t-shirts, cotton skirts or canvas totes

You may also want to consider assembling special glamping “goodie bags” ahead of time for each sister in attendance. They can contain items like s’mores kits, skipping stones, a deck of cards, a cocktail kit and a heartfelt note to remind them why this time together matters to you. Small but meaningful details like this are all part of what sets the tone for the whole getaway.


Luxury Cabin Rentals Wisconsin

Choose from the entire Ranch, our spacious Main Lodge, our luxurious All-American Lodge, our expansive Safari Suite, or our glamorous camping tent. Every aspect of our Ranch includes rustic charm and comfort with all the amenities and conveniences to make your stay a memorable one. Book your suite, lodge, or a glamping tent today and begin one of the best cabin getaways in Wisconsin!