Family Reunion WI


While families today have endless amounts of ways to connect virtually, make no mistake – there’s still huge value in growing relationships the old-fashioned way. In fact, one could argue that there’s never been a better time for things like family reunions. Studies show that having strong multigenerational bonds has become even more important as the traditional nuclear family model continues to evolve.

So, what goes into planning and executing a successful multigenerational gathering? We’re so glad you asked! Let’s get right into it.


Timing is Everything

When we say, “timing is everything,” what we really mean is that timing is involved in nearly every area of planning a multigenerational gathering. When in the early stages planning, be sure to:

  • Pick a time of the year that make sense for most of the family. IE: If you have a bunch of students and/or teachers in your extended family, don’t plan the reunion for the middle of a week in September.
  • Send out a Save the Date. The earlier you get this date on family calendars, the better your chances are for a good turnout. You can send it a year in advance and then follow up as the date approaches!
  • Shoot for a 3-4 day gathering. While one day is not long enough to make it worthwhile for anyone flying in, a whole week is not always realistic for people’s work schedules. 3-4 seems to work for most folks, especially considering there may be some overlapping of different arrivals and departures.



The most essential ingredient in a well-planned reunion is a venue that offers the right combination of activity and relaxation. The ideal location will offer a wide range of options for any age and ability so that everyone can join in the fun at their own pace.

At Edenwood Ranch, we take great pride in being the very best family reunion venue WI has to offer. Our list of amenities has something for everyone!

  • Hiking trails
  • Water sports equipment (paddleboards, boats, canoes, etc.)
  • Campfire essentials
  • Private beach
  • Bird watching & wildlife photography
  • Much, much more!

A family vacation Wisconsin style means that you can choose the season AND the fun – we’ve got all kinds of options. (Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can only do summer. You’d be surprised how much fun a family winter getaway can be!)



When putting together a plan to feed everyone, it’s important to remember that with food – just as with activities – variety is important. Be sure you know about any food sensitivities/allergies well in advance and have options that allow those folks’ food needs to be met.

At Edenwood, we do all we can to make even the food preparation feel like a luxury experience. When you book your multigenerational gathering with us, you and your family can enjoy spending time together cooking with our 5-star cooking spaces that include:

  • Outdoor grills and fire pits
  • Indoor full gourmet kitchens
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Pots, pans, silverware and glasses
  • Food preparation essentials

So, be sure to bring the family cookbook to teach the younger generation the secret ingredients in all those favorite recipes. Delicious memories are often the best kind, right?!



The ideal lodging for a generational gathering will allow enough space for everyone to sleep, eat, and play all at the same venue. Doing things all at one location completely eliminates the stress of organizing transportation for a large group.

When you book your family reunion WI retreat at Edenwood Ranch and Preserve, you get access to our full property, which includes:

  • 4 cabins
  • 30 beds
  • 500 acres of nature fun


Generational Gatherings & Family Reunions at Edenwood Ranch

Don’t let the tradition of family reunions become a thing of the past. Keep your intergenerational connections close with a relaxing, nature-soaked retreat for you and all your family! Give us a call today to learn more about all the ways Edenwood can make this vacation the one everyone talks about for years to come!