If you love spending time in the great outdoors but aren’t a huge fan of all the challenges associated with traditional camping, then glamping might be a fantastic fit for you! Glamping is a combination of “glamor” and “camping,” because that’s exactly what it offers you. It’s all the comforts of home while still feeling like you can get close and personal with nature.

Sound exciting? We think so, too! Let’s explore what goes into planning a glamping trip!


Glamping in Wisconsin’s Northwoods

There’s no better location than Wisconsin’s Northwoods to spend a vacation, especially when we’re talking about glamping. Nothing else allows you to rest and recharge like spending some time in five-star accommodations surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. When you take a luxury camping retreat, you can enjoy life at a whole different pace.

Check out a tour of our Luxury Glamping Tents today – just the sight of them will already put you in a better mood. At Edenwood Ranch, you can enjoy nature hikes, paddleboarding, ziplining (and more) and still sneak in a peaceful mid-day nap in your own private glamping tent all at the same resort!

Choose your Season

The first big decision to make when planning your glamping adventure is to decide which season you want to experience it in. Here are some questions to consider that will help you decide:

  • Do you prefer winter activities or summer activities more?
  • When does your work or school schedule allow for more get-away time?
  • Does the weather or temperature affect your energy level?
  • If you’re bringing glamping buddies along, what season do they prefer?
  • Do you have all the outdoor gear necessary for the season you’re considering?

At Edenwood Ranch, we have a wide range of activities and shelter types for you to enjoy any time of the year that you choose. Check out our Activities Page and Lodging Page to help you in your decision-making process.

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What to pack

One of the most appealing details about glamping is that you don’t have to own (or set up) a tent to enjoy your nature vacation. It’s a turn-key experience; you just bring whatever comforts you would normally bring on a vacation. And, because you will be staying in luxury accommodations, you can bring along “luxury accessories” like lanterns to add to the atmosphere, fluffy slippers, or cocktail/mocktail kits for an evening happy hour.

The specifics of what to bring will ultimately rest with three factors: 1) what season you’ve booked your trip for, 2) how luxurious your lodging is, and 3) what the resort provides for you. Some resorts have you provide your own towels, sheets and toiletries (including toilet paper) and some include it all so be sure to check the website or give a quick call to know for sure.

Regardless, here’s a list of some basic necessities to get you started:

  • Blankets
  • Bug spray
  • Sunblock
  • Your favorite pillow
  • Campfire supplies
  • Outdoor lighting/flashlight
  • Food & a means to prepare it



Are meal prep and cooking therapeutic hobbies for you or does it make you want to go hide in your bed? Depending on your lodging style, you could have several options available to you for your glamping meals.

At Edenwood Ranch we offer you everything you need to DIY all of your own meals in style!  Our glamping tents and cabins offer everything from a full gourmet kitchen, gas cooktops, refrigerators, pots, pans, silverware, glasses and all the basic cooking tool essentials. You may find yourself actually enjoying food prep for once!


Private Glamping in the Northwoods

You don’t need to love “roughing it” to have an incredible nature vacation. Glamping offers an upgrade to the traditional camping experience. At Edenwood, you can fish, stargaze, canoe and sleep in 5-star luxury. (We believe in having your cake and eating it, too!)

And guess what?! You can stay in one of our gorgeous glamping tents for only $200 per night on weekdays and $250/night on weekends! Give us a call today to start planning your dream get-away.