Are you newly engaged and considering a small wedding to celebrate your big day? First of all – congratulations!! We’re so excited for you! Second: As one of the top unique wedding venues WI has to offer, we’ve got you covered. Today’s blog is your quick-start guide to planning a small wedding. Read on to learn our top tips for location scouting, keeping it small and more!


Why “Small” is the New “Just Right”

Let’s be honest – some of us have always known that small weddings are the epitome of sophistication, but it wasn’t until Covid-19 hit that the rest of the world realized it. The biggest reason small weddings are really connecting with people now is because small means that it’s all about the relationships.

Is there still elegant decor – absolutely. Is the food still incredible – you bet. Is the bride still dressed to kill – there’s is no other way for a bride to dress! But along with all the very best of the best – there’s actually time to enjoy the event with all the guests, rather than worry about all the million and one details of the large-scale version. In the world of weddings, a small wedding is categorized by a guest list of 10-50 people. That’s essentially a big family dinner. In our book, what could be better?!


Finding the Right Small Wedding Venue

When planning a small wedding, you have much more freedom and flexibility in your choices. This is especially true when choosing a venue. Once you lock in your ideal number of guests, the fun begins! Some key ideas to keep in mind as you create your list of top location contenders include:

  • Does the venue connect to your love story in a meaningful way?
  • Do they offer on-site catering?
  • Are you looking for a location to hold both the ceremony and reception or do you prefer to keep things separate?
  • Do you hope to have an outdoor option to any part of your big day? (Think: farm wedding venues, beach locations, etc.)
  • Do you have any immuno-compromised guests (or other reasons to need space for social distancing)?
  • What types of handicap accessibility do you need?


Keeping it Intimate

When celebrating something as amazing as a wedding, things can have a tendency to get big quickly. It takes focus and effort to keep things streamlined and small. We understand. Sometimes it helps to implement specific guidelines early in the planning stages. Some popular methods to help you keep things intimate include:

  • Consider eliminating plus ones or make the event adults only
  • Skip the big wedding party; keep the ceremony sweet and simple with just the happy couple or only add on Best Man and Maid/Matron of Honor.
  • Invite only the people who are directly invested in your relationship. Look through your call/text log to see which friends and family have truly been a part of your relationship’s journey.
  • Send handmade and/or handwritten invitations
  • Choose a destination wedding venue that allows your friends and family to thoroughly enjoy the whole weekend.

Even with guidelines and tricks, it can still be difficult to keep things small. Just remember: the wedding ceremony is just one day. The celebration can last the rest of your lives.


Beyond the Big Day

One of our favorite small wedding ideas is the small wedding destination weekend. This idea allows you to merge a small family vacation with your wedding. The key is in finding a place that offers everything from event venue to lodging and activities (and everything in between).

Edenwood Ranch and preserve offers all that and more. We can host your wedding day from start to finish with incredible views and multiple stunning indoor and outdoor options. We have rustic, luxurious on-site lodging that offers 6 cabin styles, 32 beds, 16 private rooms and 13 bathrooms. And we haven’t even begun to talk about on-site activities…Let’s just say it’s pretty much perfect.


Unique Wedding Venues WI

We specialize in small, intimate weddings ranging from 20-100 people. Getting married at Edenwood Ranch is ideal for you if you want…

  • to tie the knot with friends and family in a natural setting
  • 6 large cabins where you can stay in the same location
  • An all-inclusive experience
  • To celebrate over multiple days
  • Your choice of multiple indoor and outdoor locations to say your vows and party
  • A rustic, natural setting with unlimited customization possibilities
  • To have the property all to yourself!

Call us today to learn more or to arrange a tour of our beautiful 500-acre private venue! We can’t wait to celebrate with you.