Are you thinking about planning a winter nature retreat? As one of the top cabin getaways in Wisconsin, we have seen quite a few retreats and we’ve learned a thing or two about how to plan it for success. The truth is that it really just comes down to a couple of very simple steps. Read on to learn the stress-free way to plan a winter nature retreat.


Put Word Out Early

It’s never too soon to start inviting people to your retreat. Even if it’s just a small group of family members, people appreciate being able to plan at their own pace. Many times, events like this can even become an annual event, giving people the ability to plan other things around this retreat.

Send out “save the date” notifications via email, e-vite or snail mail at least 3 months in advance for large groups or groups that include paying attendees. The only commitment you need to have locked in is the date and location of the retreat at this point. Everything else can get arranged in the following weeks.


Plan the Itinerary

When planning your nature retreat’s activities, it’s best to begin with the items that are essential. Typically, that means check-in, check-out, daily meals and waking/sleeping suggestions. Once those are put into place, the rest of the activities can be added in however makes the most sense.

At Edenwood – one of the top cabin getaways in Wisconsin – we host quite a few nature retreats. Some of the winter activities Edenwood offers that come highly recommended by staff and regular attendees include the following:

  • Snowshoeing
  • Cross country skiing
  • Ice fishing
  • Wildlife watching hikes
  • Bonfires, s’mores & stargazing
  • Snowman building contest
  • Sledding
  • Fat tire e-biking
  • Snow yoga

Be sure to take into consideration any physical restrictions or accessibility challenges that attendees may have. When you book your winter nature retreat with us, you can notify us ahead of time about any of these situations and we will do our best to ensure that everyone can join in the fun.


Have Backup Plans

Even though it’s winter, there’s a chance snow will forget to show up. Even though it’s winter, you could get rained out. Even though it’s supposed to be a fun retreat, people might get sick. We encourage you to have a backup plan for the “what if’s” that could put a dent in your retreat fun.

The bonus of booking your winter nature retreat with us is that there are endless types of activities on site. You don’t need the weather to cooperate because we’ve got indoor games! Sickness? You can make a pot of chicken soup big enough for the whole group in any of our gourmet chef kitchens. No snow? We’ve still got 500 acres of nature awaiting you!


Remember to Have FUN

Regardless of the itinerary, the backup plans, or the weather, a retreat is about one thing: fun. Nature exploration can teach us things about ourselves that we wouldn’t learn in any other setting – that is fun! Learning to adapt in a new environment can bring out a creative side to even the most logical people – that is fun! Being surrounded by the fresh Northwoods air and starting up a snowball fight just because – that is FUN!

If you find that things start to feel stressful instead of fun, try one of these suggestions:

  • Put the kids in charge of leading the nature hike
  • Add an element of competition to the activity of the hour
  • Swap in an hour of “free time” so folks can decompress
  • Offer an optional popcorn & movie night (with or without the nature theme)
  • Tell scary stories around the campfire


Private Event Venue WI

No matter the season or reason, Edewood Ranch has on-site managers available during all or just a portion of your event for your convenience. Our staff is here to assist with property access, activity scheduling or any help needed. We aim to ensure your retreat goes smoothly from event setup to guest departures. Get in touch with a team member today to learn more about how we can help you with your retreat planning.