Are you in charge of planning your staff retreat this year? We know it’s no small task, even when staff numbers are small. However, as a top Wisconsin meeting resort, we’ve seen a thing or two when it comes to successful retreat planning. With just a few simple tips that our team has learned along the way, you can ensure that your small staff will have big fun!


Why Do a Retreat

If you’re on the fence about whether to pull the trigger on a staff retreat, we’d like to share some of the reasons we consider staff retreats to be incredibly valuable. Regardless of the size of your team, the results don’t lie. Retreats can help teams achieve new heights in ways that just don’t happen within cubicles or zoom meetings. If you are in corporate leadership, consider the fact that retreats can offer all the following benefits (and more):

  • Grow internal team connections
  • Offer an opportunity to recharge
  • Thank your team for a job well done
  • Strategic, focused, dedicated planning time
  • Increased creativity inspired by a change in scenery


Think V.I.P.

There are some challenges with planning a staff retreat for a small group. If you’re looking at reserving a dedicated space, often those types of venues will require a minimum food and/or beverage order. That may be difficult considering your team is small. The alternative to reserving a dedicated space is working within a public space. However, that presents its own set of challenges. That’s why we recommend thinking about your retreat as though you’re planning something for a V.I.P. client.

When planning for V.I.P., you’re thinking about small, exclusive, and high-quality. These are the terms we recommend you keep in mind as you’re planning a retreat for a small staff. Instead of a banquet hall, it can be a private dining room with a customized menu. Rather than a block of hotel rooms, consider looking into cabin getaways in Wisconsin. Enjoy the freedom you have to plan with quality in mind versus quantity.


Involve Staff in the Planning

Another benefit of taking a small staff on a retreat is the opportunity you have to get everyone involved and invested early. Give each of your team members one category of planning to take and run with. As much as possible, try to ensure the category is exciting to the person planning it so they look forward to the task rather than dread it.

Some suggestions for categories include the following:

  • Food, beverages and snacks
  • Ice breakers & other purposeful activities
  • Gifts/swag/mementos
  • Entertainment
  • Logistics (transportation, itinerary planning, communication with venue(s), creating a “what to pack” list, etc.)

When you book your staff retreat with us at our top Wisconsin meeting resort – Edenwood – your stay includes all the lodging and activities you could ever want all in one place. You and your team could comfortably sleep in our luxury cabins and glamping tents, have full use of our gourmet chef’s kitchens, and spend time adventuring in nature with our extensive list of amenities.


Stay Flexible

Finally, our most important tip for planning a staff retreat for a small staff is to place a premium on adaptability. Another unique benefit of being a smaller group is that there is an ability to easily pivot spontaneously as needed. For example, this flexibility will allow you to easily transform an outdoor activity that gets rained out into a cozy indoor trivia and movie night instead. Team spirit will thrive when leadership takes on an adaptable, positive attitude about the retreat.


Wisconsin Meeting Resort

Whether you’re planning a small staff retreat, a large family reunion or a wedding (and everything in-between) we’ve got you covered. Edenwood’s luxury accommodations and adventure-soaked amenities cannot be matched. Come see for yourself! Contact us today to schedule a visit and a tour. We can’t wait to host you.