If you or someone you love is a medical frontline worker, the first thing we want to say in this post is THANK YOU. Thank you for the countless hours of hard work, dedication, compassion and tears you have spent throughout this year+ of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The second thing we want to say is that you deserve a break! So, whether you are a hospital administrator, spouse of a frontline worker, a first responder team, or anything in between, we put together this short guide to organizing a frontline worker retreat for you. (Because the last thing you need right now is more work!)

What is a Frontline Worker Retreat?

A frontline worker retreat is essentially a hybrid of a corporate retreat and a vacation. The purpose of this retreat is to offer over-worked teams of medical frontline workers an opportunity to recharge and reconnect with each other in a restful setting.

A frontline worker retreat can be organized or sponsored by a variety of sources:

  • A grateful community member who wants to give back to the medical community.
  • A hospital administration team who sees value in preserving the well-being of their staff.
  • A local church or community group who wants to encourage frontline workers.
  • A business or corporation that is looking for a charitable cause to give to.
  • A frontline worker team (and their families) who are empowered to care for each other village-style.

At Edenwood, a Wisconsin meeting resort, we host many different types of groups who come for many different reasons. However, the groups that get the most out of their time here usually have a bond beyond a common workplace – they are united by a cause they all believe in. This is exactly what the frontline workers retreat is about.

Benefits of a Frontline Worker Retreat

In a recent study done at Mayo Clinic, it was found that work/home conflict as well as hours worked in a given week both contributed to physician burnout. Now, consider that information in light of the past year we’ve all had. Obviously, something needs to be done to bring balance to this situation.

Some of the ways that a frontline worker retreat works to help bring about this balance include:

The list could go on indefinitely. This is not just about fun (although there’s that, too), this is about the physical and mental health of our local heroes.

Recommended Activities & Agenda Flow

We always recommend that activities and agendas be planned with your own unique group’s needs and personality in mind. That being said, there are several ideas that we’ve seen be very successful regardless of the type of group participating in the retreat.

  • Keep a loose structure to your agenda. Indicate which events are “required” and which are “optional” and be sure to offer plenty of free time.
  • Choose a “theme” to your retreat; make it something lighthearted and fun. For example, if you choose a tropical theme, you can incorporate a luau, pig roast, and fun related décor into the retreat. Other popular ideas include: movie themes, holiday themes and decade themes.
  • If you book your retreat at Edenwood, which includes the very best cabin rental Wisconsin has to offer, allow retreat participants to choose who they are sharing lodging with.
  • Leverage as many resort amenities as possible in activity planning. For example, Edenwood has a substantial amount of outdoor activities on-site that range from high-octane zip lines to relaxing nature walks and everything in between. You don’t want to miss out on those opportunities.
  • Plan one or two events that would be specifically used in the event of inclement weather. IE: Movie trilogy binge, Uno tournament, indoor scavenger hunt or dance party.

What NOT to Do

This part is easy – there’s only one rule about what NOT to do on a frontline worker retreat: no work allowed. The only exception to that rule is if you choose to organize a session or two specifically to address trauma, PTSD, and/or work-related anxiety/depression. Other than that, this retreat is about reminding them of all the little things in life that bring joy.

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Whether it’s about taking a break from reality or just a good old-fashioned family reunion, Edenwood Ranch and Preserve is the place to be. We are so excited to be able to serve you by sharing our 500 acres of fun, nature and luxury! Don’t wait – give us a call today to schedule your next big adventure!