Trying to calculate how to get the most out of your next hunting trip? If you’re interested in world-class hunting land, attentive staff and luxury accommodations, we’ve got the guided deer hunting Wisconsin trip you’ve been waiting for!


Experienced Planning

It’s imperative to have careful planning before embarking on your next hunting trip. Edenwood Ranch is dedicated to a sustainable hunting habitat that offers healthy and abundant elk, deer and other big game and trophy animals. This is all with a focus on delivering a fair and fun chase hunting experience. All of our guides are experts and have great knowledge of our private hunting preserve in Wisconsin.


After the Shot

Once you’ve successfully made the shot, the journey doesn’t end here! Our professional guides will take plenty of photos of you with your trophy so you can share your experience with others and have a keepsake that will last for years to come. We will also field dress the animal to preserve the meat before moving it. You then will have the option to use one of our local meat processors and taxidermist. Continue on the hunt or enjoy other nature adventures at the ranch!



When we think of hunting, we often think of pitching a tent, sleeping on the ground and cooking our kill on a handmade fire. At our Wautoma cabins, you can have an amazing hunting trip while staying in luxury accommodations, enjoy world-class hospitality and eat delicious made-for-you food. Stay in comfort while also getting out into the woods and experiencing amazing hunting excursions during the day.


Memories to Last a Lifetime

What’s more memorable than a great experience with your friends and family? Here at Edenwood Ranch & Preserve, we believe in slowing down, relaxing and enjoying nature surrounded by those you love most. Our guided deer hunting excursions, along with other natural activities are focused on your enjoyment.


Guided Deer Hunting Wisconsin

Edenwood Ranch & Preserve offers the best guided deer hunting in the Midwest. Our reservation process is highly personalized and tailored to your specific needs. We look forward to welcoming you at the ranch for your once-in-a-lifetime guided hunting trips in Wisconsin!