Elk hunting can be one of the most action-packed, exciting and rewarding hunts you ever experience. It can also be intimidating and frustrating! Learning as much as you can before hitting the field is a great way to improve your chances at an enjoyable experience.

Edenwood Ranch & Preserve is an incredibly unique hunting resort—it gives you prime opportunities to bag the elk of a lifetime! With exclusive access to this private preserve during your trip, we aim to provide the BEST elk hunting in Wisconsin. Read on to learn more about the basics of elk hunting and what it’s all about here at Edenwood Ranch—we offer the best Wisconsin elk hunting preserves around!

Getting Started

Elk are very large animals. They tend to reach around 4 to 5 feet tall and upwards of 750 pounds—much larger than whitetail deer. Bagging an elk takes skill and optimal strategy. Along with your experience, Edenwood Ranch also has one-on-one guides that are here to help you maximize your hunting opportunities and increase your success rate.

Spend Time in the Rifle Range

First things first, hit the rifle range before your hunting excursion begins. To prepare for your time elk hunting, it’s a good idea to understand how your guns will perform at different distances. Rifle ranges are designed to build your confidence before any real hunting situation. Shoot at various distances and try out different types of ammunition to sharpen your skills. The elk hunting preserve at Edenwood Ranch has an on-site rifle range to get you fully prepared for a successful hunting trip.

Elk Hunting in Wisconsin Tactics

Spot and Stalk: This common elk hunting tactic is used to locate the animal before making your plans to get closer. Elk are nomadic creatures. They are less territorial than deer and tend to respond to changes in the environment, weather and location of food.

Elk Calls & Bulging: Learning common elk calls is a beneficial skill that can have big payoffs. Elks can be highly vocal, especially in early fall. Both listening and performing calls yourself can get you one step closer to your trophy. Below are a few common calls to familiarize yourself with:

  • High-pitched bulge
  • Chuckling
  • Glunking
  • Squeaks
  • Barks


Wisconsin Elk Hunting Preserves – Trophy Deer Hunts

We offer a wide-range of private hunting experiences which all include luxury lodging, fabulous meals and an array of amenities:

Trophy Rut Elk & Whitetail Combo Hunt: This combo package kicks off deer hunting season and gives you the best chance at scoring some of the biggest elk of the year!

Trophy Bull Elk Hunt: Spend 4 days and 3 nights on the ranch. The average harvest size for this elk hunting package is over 300.”

For those of you interested in more than elk hunting, Edenwood Ranch also specializes in whitetail deer and fallow experiences.


Elk Hunting in Wisconsin

Whether it’s your first elk hunt or you’re a seasoned hunter, Edenwood Ranch has something for you. Get your buddies together today and start planning your next hunting getaway at our private, 500-acre preserve. It’s sure to be the trip of a lifetime!