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Whether you are the world’s biggest fan of them, or they make you want to run and hide, the data shows that team building activities do work! If you don’t already, it may be time to start working some of those activities into your company’s annual business retreat. At Edenwood Ranch and Preserve, a premier Wisconsin Meeting Resort, we get to see firsthand the incredible impact teambuilding activities make.

We realize that – if you’ve never organized a teambuilding component to your retreat – you may feel a bit overwhelmed. So today we’re going to give you the basic, essentials-only beginner guide to team building.

Getting Started: What Does Your Team Need?

Before you even start planning activities, step one is to establish where your team is needing reinforcements. Take an inventory of areas of success as well as opportunities for growth. Be sure to specifically take note of:

  • Areas of conflict/division
  • New/emerging leaders
  • Team members who struggle with group projects
  • Team members who don’t know each other well
  • Which members are self-starters and which members needs direction to thrive
  • Resistance to change
  • Areas of poor communication

Once you feel like you’ve gotten a good handle on your team’s needs, it’s time to start matching those needs up with activities.

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Team Building Activities & Ideas

This is where the planning can become a bit overwhelming, simply because there are so many resources available that offer team-building exercises. In order to keep things as simple as possible, remember to continually reference your needs list in your searches. Here are some ideas you may want to try to include:

  • Personality Quizzes & Discussion
  • Competitive activities like relay races
  • Collaborative activities like cooking together or geocaching
  • Outdoor Activities: zip-lining, 4-wheeling or campfire games
  • Hold your own episode of Shark Tank

It’s important to remember to have a variety of activities, including one or two that directly correlate to a real, live company deliverable. The smaller you keep the gap between “activity” and “application,” the better the team building results will stick when everyone is back at work.

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Corporate Events at Edenwood Ranch

When you plan your business retreat at Edenwood Ranch, you are choosing the very best private event venue Wautoma WI has to offer! You will have access to:

  • 500 acres of Northwoods beauty
  • 4 separate cabins
  • 30 beds
  • Private beach and a huge assortment of watersport equipment
  • Hiking trails
  • Much, much more!

Private Event Venue Wautoma WI

Whether you have a team of 3 or 30, Edenwood Ranch and Preserve in Wautoma, Wisconsin has the space to accommodate your next business retreat. But don’t just take our word for it. Give us a call today to schedule a tour and talk with one of our retreat specialists to get the ball rolling on your team’s best retreat ever!