When you think of a safari, you might picture tall giraffes, dense jungles, herds of zebras, exotic animals, etc. But did you know that a safari can also be described as a hunting expedition? Hmmm…hunting expedition you say? That’s one of our many specialties! Edenwood Ranch is the perfect go-to for an outdoor family vacation in Wisconsin if you’re wanting to discover a diverse array of wildlife- from guided hunting excursions to scenic hiking trails, you never know what or who you may stumble upon.


Experience Hunting Excursions at Edenwood

So, what is so special about hunting at Edenwood? Here you will experience the untamed beauty of the wilderness combined with the excitement of a trophy deer hunting expedition. We offer a variety of customizable luxury hunting packages so you are truly in charge of your own hunt. What to expect and see:

  • Selection of game species including Whitetail, Elk, and Fallow
  • Seasoned hunting guides scouting deer all year round
  • Beautiful scenery you’ll want to come back to any chance you get
  • Ladders and hang-on stands to up the challenge of your hunt
  • + More

While hunting is a big piece of who we are, it’s not all we are known for. Keep reading to see why some might refer to us as a “private nature escape in the heart of Wisconsin’s Northwoods.”


Relaxing at the Ranch

A safari at Edenwood Ranch is about more than just hunting. “Untamed beauty” comes in several forms. We think many of us would agree that relaxing in Wisconsin’s scenic countryside is considered a beautiful thing, and if you don’t then you’ve never visited Edenwood Ranch in Wautoma, WI. Here is a small sampling of the ways you can enjoy a soothing and rejuvenating evening at Edenwood:

  • Nature walks and hikes
  • Fishing on serene lakes
  • Bird watching
  • Campfires with tasty smores
  • Endless stargazing
  • Horseback riding (bring your own horse)
  • Cuddling up in cozy cabins
  • Hot tub (This one doesn’t need word fluffing)

Can you picture yourself connecting with nature here yet? You may not be telling the truth if you say no…


Nature Resort in Wisconsin

Whether you’re a seasoned hunter, a nature enthusiast, or a family looking to bond over a unique outdoor experience, Edenwood Ranch in Wautoma is the perfect destination for your summer safari in Wisconsin. Discover the untamed beauty of this hidden gem, where the thrill of the hunt meets the wonders of nature, and create memories that will be cherished for years to come. To learn more about Edenwood Ranch and plan your summer safari, call us today!