Do you have out of town relatives that you dream of celebrating the holidays with (but never do)? Or maybe you’ve always loved the idea of a destination holiday but have no idea how to pull it off? We’ve got fantastic news for you! It’s shockingly simple to plan and execute a holiday celebration away from home.

Today we will walk you through how guests of Edenwood Ranch’s luxury cabins in Wisconsin have enjoyed their holiday celebrations here with us. We’ve included all the important details that will allow you to keep your time-honored traditions while also enjoying the freedom that comes with a unique, new destination!


Make it Feel Like Home

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As you begin your research for the perfect location, you’ll want to find a venue that allows you and your loved ones to be able to truly relax. The best way to do that is tolook for accommodations that effectively blend luxury with comfort. This means looking for details like:

  • Right number of beds and rooms to offer guests privacy and flexibility in sleep schedules
  • Multiple bathrooms
  • Large gathering area(s) so everyone in your group can comfortably spend time together
  • Kitchen amenities large enough for big family meals to be prepared efficiently
  • A clubhouse or rec room or comparable space that offers a place for kids of all ages to enjoy

You can also bring along some of your favorite holiday decorations or heirlooms if you plan far enough ahead. Sometimes these items are worth the extra effort because of the joy and memories they evoke. Pack them in a simple plastic tote with bubble wrap or newspaper so that they all arrive and return home safely.


Plan Out the Menu

If you’re the type of person that finds cooking relaxing, be sure to book a place that has kitchen facilities that allow you to chop, sauté and roast to your heart’s content! You’ll want to make sure there’s a local grocery store near your lodging so that you won’t have to lug the entire holiday meal – complete with all the trimmings – along with you. (Edenwood has a grocery store just 12 minutes away as well as a superstore just 20 minutes away.) Plan out your full vacation menu ahead of time, making sure to account for food allergies/sensitivities, and then shop for all the ingredients and extras once you arrive.

Edenwood has you covered! Each of our cabins come with multiple food preparation options, including items such as:

  • Outdoor grills
  • Refrigerator
  • Gourmet chef kitchen space
  • Pots, pans, silverware and glasses
  • Microwave

We do all we can to ensure that, on private vacations with us, even the food preparation feels like a vacation!


Make Room for New Experiencesfamily reunion venue wi

A destination holiday is not just about the food, though! Be sure to build in time to try out a new adventure in a new place together. Many resort destinations offer year-round, on-site activities so that you don’t have to organize carpools or caravans. Edenwood’s 500-acre gated resort offers endless ways to enjoy the holidays surrounded by nature. Just a few of our favorite holiday suggestions include:

  • Go on a night hike (if you have snowshoes, it’s even more fun!)
  • Stargaze with hot cocoa, s’mores and a bonfire
  • Bring your good camera and catch some wildlife actions shots
  • Enjoy the 7-person hot tub
  • Book a guided hunting excursion

Also, be sure to research nearby towns and activities ahead of time; many places have holiday events happening around this time of year that could provide unique, fun entertainment. Check with your resort’s concierge for the very best inside scoop.


And Don’t Forget…

Just a couple final tips and tricks that will be sure to save you time and energy so you can spend it on the moments that matter.

  • If presents are a part of your celebration, consider shipping them to your destination ahead of time. (Check in with the venue to ensure someone will be there to keep an eye on them until your arrival.)
  • Prepare for the possibility of a moment or two of homesickness (especially with the younger kids) but remember that a new adventure is a sure cure for the blues. Keep your itinerary full of new memories to look forward to.
  • Inquire into how COVID-19 is affecting the resort policies and activities. Do the same for any local events you are hoping to take part in. For example, Edenwood is located in Wautoma, Wisconsin so you would want to find reliable, up-to-date resources for Edenwood, Wausau and Waushara County.
  • Decide together on how to split costs among all who are attending before you arrive at your destination.
  • Make sure all your furry or feathered family members have a plan for the holiday, too. If you are hoping to bring them along, check on your resort’s pet policy early. If you are having them enjoy a vacation elsewhere, be sure to get them settled in a day or so before you’re scheduled to leave.


There’s No Place Like Edenwood For the Holidays

Our mission at Edenwood is to give you a 5-star resort experience while being surrounded by a 5-star nature adventure. What better way to spend the holidays with your loved ones than in luxury cabins in Wisconsin? Don’t just take our word for it – take a moment to go on one of our virtual property tours! We can’t wait to spend the holidays with you.

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